Google Meet or Zoom: Which Conferencing Tool Is More Secure for You?

During this pandemic, the video conferencing tool plays a crucial role in the governance of many offices and proves a key for the resume classes of the students. The whole world is temporarily shut down, and some video conferencing tools have got successful overnight. But with growth, there are some security issues across the platform. These issues may be threatening for users, and they are now searching for better alternatives to specific video conferencing tools.

Let’s be specific about the conferencing tool. Zoom is the application that had faced several security loopholes in the past. These loopholes are the reasons why the popularity of the application is now degrading day by day.

A few days later, Eric S. Yuan, who is the CEO of Zoom, apologized about the loopholes in the application. At that time, Zoom has also announced a 90-days feature freeze to focus on privacy and security issues. Even the company has rolled out from the features for making the application more secure. Even some schools in several countries banned this video conferencing tool for online classes.

Google Meet Has Taken Plenty of Privacy and Security Steps

There are lots of people who are using this video conferencing tool for a long time. Therefore, it is imperative to look for privacy and security seriously to protect your data, especially when you are utilizing that application for your work.

In this respect, Google meet is one of the best and secure applications. All data for the Meet calls will be safe and encrypted at the two-end (between you and google). If you save any Meet on your Google Drive, then relax because that too is encrypted. The application is running in the standards of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), which provides pretty much secure room for the chat. Simply, Google Meet has all the features and certification that you want to see on any professional video conferencing tool.

Besides, other security highlights from the Google Meet include support by the application for the 2-factor Authentication. The advance protection program of Google is a plus point for Google Meet to provide a more secure room for the meeting.

In Reality, Zoom is Equally Equipped

No doubt, Google Meet has an impressive privacy protection policy and features, but that doesn’t show that Zoom doesn’t have. In reality, the Zoom is comparatively the same in most areas.

Zoom also encrypts all its calls that, too, with the Transport Layer Security of 256-bits. Even the Zoom was highlighted because of its marketing strategy, which was based on the “end-to-end encryption.” But to some extent, it is not true, as there was a loophole, and Zoom can access call data.

The company highlighted this issue and did a great job in rectifying this error, but until then, the damage was done.

For now, the Zoom supports the same authentication process as Google meet do, and stores only basic information of the users.

There are some bunch of security concerns that were in the checklist of the Zoom:

  • Availability of the waiting rooms for attendees
  • Presence of the host before starting any meeting
  • Lock meetings can be able to provide more privacy
  • Screen sharing
  • Password protected meetings


Both are secured video conferencing chatting applications, with the application offering privacy, encryption, and other security measures just to ensure and protect your valuable data. As everyone knows that no line service is 100% secured, but for sure, Zoom and Google Meet can put their best foot forward to secure your data.

As mentioned earlier, no application is perfect; however, each application or software has its cons and pros.

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